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Whistle & Accordion lead the way on near 60minutes of exciting contemporary music. Some played ‘studio’ style and some played ‘ceilidh’ style, the tempo hardly gives up and certainly keeps the attention.
A duo to look out for, and expect a lively night!!!

1) The Scaffolder – McKenna’s Jig – The Wild West Ceilidh Band
2) Return From Stac – The Pig In the Bracken – Rothes Glen House
3) Cha n-Eil a chois a cordadh rium
4) Sin Aged E – Zeeto the Bubbleman – MacArthur Road
5) Zandra’s Waltz – Waltz For Kylin
6) Mo run geal, dileas
7) The Grit That Makes the Pearl – A Fair Stride – Ali’s Dirty Shirt
8) The Plagiarist’s Reel – Buntata’s Sgadan – Rip the Calico – The Dirty Bee
9) The Moscow Ring Road
10) The Standing Bar Jig – Elyn Marwick’s Reel
11) The Grenade – Hogties Reel – The Bunnahabhain

Hugh Marwick – Whistles
Stuart MacKintosh – Accordion
Gavin Marwick – Fiddle
Ewan Hemingway – Keyboards
Sean Cousins – Percussion
Callum MacGillivray – Highland Pipes
Eilidh MacKenzie – Vocal (Tks.3&6)